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EcoSteel Advantage


EcoSteel is superior to traditional construction methods in every practical way.

Unlike conventional building materials, steel doesn’t rot, warp, decompose, split or fall victim to natural pests. EcoSteel is specially treated to avoid rust.

Square Corners Stay Squared
Steel is an unlimited resource that is produced in strict accordance with national standards with no regional variations and inconsistencies. Windows and doors open and close as they should.

Superior Strength
Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. It’s flexible, straight, non-porous, durable, dimensionally stable and lightweight. Specifically, EcoSteel ensures decades of maintenance- free, energy efficient comfort and safety.

Unlike wood, steel framing doesn’t crack due to shrinking or warping. EcoSteel’s frames and steel insulated panels meet or exceed governmental energy-efficiency standards. The tongue and groove design creates a continuous, insulated cocoon, preventing the air leaks that result in costly energy loss. The R-24 “whole wall performance” of a standard EcoSteel 3” insulated panel is more than 2.5 times higher than a timber framed 2x4 batt insulated wall.

Extreme Weather Conditions
With drastic temperature swings and high winds or earthquakes, EcoSteel stands strong. They have even designed a line of homes engineered to withstand over a 150 MPH wind load, exceeding one of the toughest building codes in the US Miami/Dade, Florida.

Less Waste
EcoSteel systems are constructed with 76% recycled steel. The overall recycling rate in the steel industry is 75% making it the most recycled material in North America. There is typically only 2% waste using steel versus 20% with wood construction.

EcoSteel significantly reduces the fire hazards posed by the many combustible materials common in most homes and offices today. Insurance rates may be reduced by using fire resistant structural materials such as steel.

EcoSteel practically eliminates the possibility of mold growth and the related health risks found in some buildings built with conventional materials.