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Giving Back to the Community


Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

Both Brian and Lisa Olson feel strongly about giving back to the community. Therefore, they have both decided that a portion of every transaction will be donated to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Foundation.

Brian grew up a ski racer and gained a lot of his determination from competitive ski racing. Like any sport, ski racing is an opportunity for kids to learn skills that carry over to more than just the hill. Learning how to manage your time, training to be the best at your sport, working as a team towards a common goal, coping with disappointments and enjoying triumphs are all important parts of growing up.

The Winter Sports Club is heralded as one of the foremost ski clubs in the country. Besides training future Olympians, they strive to build strong healthy kids with character who succeed in life.

To enhance the Winter Sports Club's efforts in impacting the youth of the community, the developer will donate .5% of every sale and Lisa personally will donate 10% of her commission to the Foundation.

Together Brian and Lisa hope to provide endless opportunities to the club that has sent more than 65 athletes to the Olympics.